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Colt 45's 'Blast' Drink Equals 4 Cans of Beer; AGs Seek Shelf Removal 

Jupiterimages/Thinkstock(BOSTON) -- Eighteen attorney generals from across the nation are defending their calls for Pabst to pull "Blast" by Colt 45 off store shelves.

Critics say the new alcoholic drink in various fruit flavors may pose severe health risks and is being marketed to minors by rapper Snoop Dog, who has been criticized recently for his promotion of the beverage.

Martha Coakley, Attorney General of Massachusetts, says one can of Blast is equal to four cans of beer.

"This is not just five beers over five hours.  We really don't want people engaging in binge drinking, which this will encourage. You open that can -- you can't close it back up again."

Some bars are no longer serving Blast.  Cambridge, Mass. bar owner Clay Fernald told ABC News, "We were asked by the city not to serve that product, so we are not serving that product."

But some people feel the attorney generals' request may be going too far. 

"You're an adult.  I think you should be able to order whatever you want," one bar patron said.

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