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Vitamin D May Ward Off Menstrual Pains, Study Suggests

PhotoAlto/Alix Minde(NEW YORK) -- There may be some relief from the monthly period cramps that afflict almost half of all reproductive-aged women, a small trial out of Italy suggests.

Looking at 40 women -- aged 18 to 40 -- who had experienced painful menses at least four months in a row over the past six months, researchers gave half of them high-dose vitamin D, and the other half a placebo, and followed them for two months.  The vitamin D group experienced a significant decrease in their monthly period pains – quantified as 41 percent down from initially reported levels, most notable over the first month, with levels then holding steady for the second month; the latter group did not show any overall improvement.  

Also of note, none of those given vitamin D used additional pain medication, whereas 40 percent of the other group relied on Motrin-like drugs.

While this study was small and further investigation is needed, it offers some potential hope for women suffering from debilitating cramps.

Their research was published in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

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