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FDA Approves New Hormonal Contraceptive

Comstock/Thinkstock(WHITEHOUSE STATION, N.J.) – Merck announced on Wednesday that the FDA has approved a new contraceptive, Nexaplanon, for the prevention of pregnancy in women for up to three years.

According to a company press release, Nexaplon is a long-acting, progestin-only single-rod hormonal contraceptive. It is the size of a matchstick and must be inserted under the skin of a woman’s upper arm with a minor surgical in-office procedure.

Merck claims that nexaplanon is effective with less than one pregnancy per every hundred women.

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Cholesterol Drug May Reduce Heart Attack Risk in Kidney Patients

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(WHITEHOUSE STATION, N.J.) -- A new study suggests Merck's cholesterol drug Vytorin, which is a combination of Zetia and Zocor, or simvastatin, may reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke or other cardiovascular problems in kidney patients.

The drug was compared with a placebo and in the trial reduced first major incidence of stroke or heart attack by what experts call a statistically significant 16.1 percent.

The New Jersey-based company says because of the Study of Heart and Renal Protection, or "Sharp" investigation, it will seek regulatory approval for use of the drug in this way.  Vytorin is now on the market as a "bad cholesterol" reducing medication.

The Oxford University research involved more than 9,000 patients who had advanced to chronic or end-stage kidney disease, and many were on dialysis.  Kidney patients have an increased risk of heart failure or stroke.

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