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Cancer Is a Bully Caught on Camera

Thomas Northcut/Thinkstock(BOSTON) -- Cancer is termed metastatic when it has spread from the original site to other areas of the body.  Authors of this study asked a simple question:  how do cancer cells invade other tissues?

Researchers at the Harvard Medical School focused on ovarian cancer and found that once these cancer cells break off the original tumor, they literally bully their way through other tissues, pushing healthy cells to the side as they "barrel through."

The authors know this because they've caught the bullies on camera. Using time-lapse video microscopes, the authors labeled cancer and healthy cells with different colors and then watched what happens when cancer cells come in contact with the healthy ones.

The authors also figured out how these cancer cells push the healthy ones to the side, and these mechanisms could prove to be targets for prevention of metastasis of ovarian cancer.

Their findings were published in Cancer Discovery.

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