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Former WH Aide: Health Care Anniversary a 'Sweet Day'

Siri Stafford/Photodisc(WASHINGTON) -- President Obama's health care law turns one year old this week, and polls continue to suggest that it's not a birthday worth celebrating for the law's proponents.

But Neera Tanden, who helped shape the law as a top adviser in the president's Department of Health and Human Services, insisted to ABC News the law will grow more popular as its benefits continue to kick in.

"It's obviously a sweet day because the law is actually delivering benefits -- so it's a great day," said Tanden, now chief operating officer of the liberal group Center for American Progress.

"I think it's unfortunate that there's been so much partisan give and take around the bill and that it continues to this day. But I think over the long haul, this bill will be seen as a crowning achievement for the president. And that's why he's going to defend it and he will defend it in the budget negotiations going forward.”

Much of the disapproval of the law, Tanden said, is because elements of the law "are confusing."

The president and many of his fellow Democrats will campaign heavily on the new law, she said.

"I think the president will have to campaign on this. He's going to take attacks from the right on this, and he's going to have to defend the legislation, and I think he's prepared to do that."

Nationwide polls are revealing the opposite of Tanden's claims: that the more time passes, the less a majority of Americans like the bill that its critics have dubbed Obamacare. A recent Rasmussen poll revealed  53% of likely voters at least "somewhat favor" repeal of the new health care law, including 43% who "strongly favor" it. 

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