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Research Suggests Phones Increase Stress

Jupiterimages/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) -- Americans love their mobile phones. Research showing about eight out of ten people have cell phones.

According to the Pew Research Center, less than one third of mobile phone users take a break and turn them off each day. And the same study shows the multitasking that comes hand in hand with our mobile devices may end up causing more stress than people think. David Ballard of the American Psychological Association says just an hour or two unplugged can make a difference in stress levels.

"Whether it's making the dinner table a technology free zone; whether it's walking in the door and you're going to place your phone on the nightstand for the next two hours and not touch it while you spend time with your family," Ballard says.

Take a time out and turn your phone off for at least an hour. That's the message from psychologists who believe the constant use of mobile phones, especially smart phones, perpetuates stress levels. Ballard says many people use their phones to multi task but they never end up taking a break from them, and that can affect behaviors, moods, and relationships.

"You can't go to dinner without looking around and seeing somebody having dinner with their family but everyone is there on their smart phones not even making eye contact or having a conversation with each another."

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