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Poll: Half of Adults Impacted by 9/11 Still Struggle with Fear, Anxiety

ABC News Radio(NEW YORK) -- A new poll from Harris Interactive and HealthDay found that almost half of adults who were traumatized by the events of Sept. 11, 2001 are still struggling with their emotions a decade later.

The poll was conducted in late August with over 2,200 adults. Nearly a quarter of these adults suffer from worry about the safety of loved ones, and another 13 percent reported anxiety. Nineteen percent reported that they are afraid of flying.

Nearly half of those polled reported that they try to appreciate life more as a reaction to the attacks.

Slow economic recovery and natural disasters like Hurricane Irene may be frustrating the healing process for many Americans affected by 9/11, HealthDay reports.

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What Tops Most Americans’ Lifetime 'To-Do' Lists?

Michael Matisse/Photodisc(NEW YORK) -- A new survey finds nearly seven out of ten Americans have created an ultimate “to-do” list for activities they want to achieve in their lifetime, and travel is ranked number one on the lists of 83 percent of respondents.

Achieving a personal goal was on the list of 61 percent of respondents, followed in popularity by "volunteering for a cause" and "doing something mentally or physically challenging."

Additional statistics from the survey:

  • 23 percent of Americans say they create to-do lists to challenge themselves.
  • 19 percent say a to-do list helps prioritize all the things they want to accomplish.
  • 72 percent of people with to-do lists share their goals and experiences with others.
  • 76 percent of people hope to carry out their to-do list item with another person instead of by themselves.
  • 20 percent of respondents put rekindling an old relationship at the top of their to-do list.
  • 57 percent say a lack of funds is the top barrier preventing them from achieving their to-do list goals.

The survey of 1,011 U.S. adults was commissioned by Hilton.

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