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Rachel Zoe Raises Awareness for HIV Vaccine

Stefanie Keenan/WireImage(NEW YORK) -- Fortunata Kasege is telling her story through celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe’s mouth. The juxtaposition of Kasege’s voice and words and Zoe’s face are part of a new celebrity campaign for the Abzyme Research Foundation, a group that hopes to raise awareness for the possibility of a future vaccine for HIV.

“I left my home and family in Tanzania and came to the United States. I was going to be a journalist,” Kasege, who is unseen, says as Zoe moves her mouth to the words.

“I learned I was HIV positive when I was pregnant with my baby girl,” she says. “Thanks to my treatment … she was born HIV negative.”

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Zoe is the first celebrity face to appear in the campaign.

The celebrities will be released month by month.

Zachary Barnett, a spokesperson for ARF, said another big name will be revealed in a few weeks.

“We will be aiming to do more interesting [disparities] between the speaker and the celebrity,” he said.

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Pregnancy and Stilettos: Are They Safe?

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- As a slave to fashion, celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe announced that she does not own a pair of flat shoes, and, even now, seven months pregnant, Zoe rocks thigh-high stilettos for an afternoon on the town.

Last weekend, the 39-year-old Zoe was photographed with her husband and friends strolling around Los Angeles. Along with her stiletto platform boots, Zoe wore a belted black shirt-dress with a knit bomber jacket. Stylish indeed, but some wonder if Zoe is risking safety of body and baby for her high fashion style.

"Stilettos in general are not dangerous," said Dr. Lauren Streicher, a staff obstetrician gynecologist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. "We are fortunately long past the days when a pregnant woman had to wear a tent or a T-shirt with an arrow pointing to the belly."

Doctors say the main reason that high heels have gotten a bad rep is because a woman's body weight and shape change during pregnancy, and so does her center of gravity. Because of this, she may be more prone to falls, which could have dire consequences. But otherwise, a lot of the risk is to her own comfort.

"It's fine for a pregnant woman to wear stilettos, but she may find her balance is off, especially when she gets large," said Streicher. "If she were to fall, obviously she could break a leg, but there is no particular danger to that developing pregnancy."

Dr. Manuel Porto, professor and chairman of the department of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of California Irvine Medical Center, also said that the arched back posture that is used by most pregnant women to accommodate the change leads to low back pain. Wearing high-heeled shoes and boots can exacerbate those problems, especially as feet start to swell in the later months.

"Most obstetricians recommend that patients wear flat shoes or those with less than a two-inch heel, especially in the third trimester," said Porto.

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