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Study: Women Look in a Mirror at Least Eight Times a Day

Comstock/Thinkstock(LONDON) -- Women continually check their appearance throughout the day in mirrors or any surface that shows their reflection.

While that's not a particularly shocking revelation, a study in Britain’s Daily Mail of 2,000 women does suggest that all that mirror-checking goes on more than anyone imagined.

For instance, the study conducted by Simple Skincare finds that women look in the mirror an average of eight times daily, with half saying they wouldn’t leave the house without some kind of mirror and one in 10 admitting they check their compacts no less than 10 times a day.

Not surprisingly, the most common reason given for all this reflection-watching was for hair or make-up touch-ups.

What is surprising is how much women detest looking in the mirror.  Seventy-five percent say they hate it, while almost one in four believe it has a bad impact on their self-confidence.  Most blame it on the social pressure for women to look attractive while men don’t have to be as concerned with their own looks.

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