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Study: Baby Boomers 'In Denial' About Their Health in Retirement

Comstock Images/Thinkstock(BOSTON) -- Most baby boomers are planning to be pretty active and healthy when they retire -- that's if they aren't already.
But a new poll shows that baby boomers need to take off the rose-colored glasses when it comes to their health.
Some experts say baby boomers are not just unprepared, they're delusional about their health in retirement.
Only 13 percent of those over 50, but not yet retired, expect their health to go downhill after retirement.
Three times as many retirees said their health has already worsened.
The poll -- conducted by NPR, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Harvard School of Public Health -- showed that more than 70 percent of boomers have stepped up their physical activity and exercise. More than 65 percent have changed their diets and more than 80 percent are watching what they eat.

Still, only a handful (one percent) of boomers expect their exercise to decrease when they retire, while more than one-third of retirees say they already exercise less.
Furthermore, more baby boomers than ever are aware that expenses for long-term care, such as nursing homes, assisted living or home care could lead to financial hardship. And the majority expressed concern concern about whether they would be able to afford it.

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