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Nighttime Leg Twitching Sign of Heart Problems?

Siri Stafford/Digital Vision(NEW YORK) -- New information finds that restless leg syndrome could be a sign of hidden heart problems.

Millions of Americans are thought to suffer nighttime muscle twitching of the legs and it wasn't always thought to be a big deal but Dr. Arshad Jahangir at the Mayo Clinic, where the research was conducted, says it can be linked to a thicker heart muscle.

Jahngir and others looked at 584 patients with the syndrome and found that those with more frequent twitching were more likely to have a thickening of the heart.

The link is not yet certain, but if you suffer from restless legs syndrome, Jahangir advises it's worth discussing with your physician.

“Not every patient who has frequent leg movement had ventricular hypertrophy,” Jahangir said, “so we need to understand more why some people get this type of thickening response and others not.”

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