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Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Car and on the Road

George Doyle/Stockbyte(NEW YORK) -- Danger on the roads is not just a concern for humans anymore.

As the summer driving season heats up, more and more pet owners are pulling their pooches back inside their vehicles, strapping them in and loading them up to make sure nothing bad happens to those furry creatures known as "man's best friend."

Heightened concerns about distracted driving, such as texting and talking on your smartphone, have led to a surge in the sales of doggie seat belts, harnesses and other similar devices.

Wall Street Journal columnist and ABC News Good Morning America contributor Wendy Bounds wrote about the new trend in her latest column, and now she's offering even more tips.

Here are Bounds' recommendations for the top products to use to protect your pooch while on-the-go.

  1. Pet Ramp - Cost/where to buy: Solvit Products; $25-50.
  2. Booster Seat - Cost/where to buy: Solvit Products; $100-150.
  3. Back Seat Barrier - Cost/where to buy: Kurgo Products; $40.
  4. Tru-Fit Smart Harness - Cost/where to buy: Kurgo Products; $23.
  5. Wander Hammock Car Seat Protector - Cost/where to buy: Frontgate ; $65.
  6. Pet Crate With Wheels - Cost/where to buy: Pet Gear Inc. and various online retailers; $50-$200.

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