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People Disgusted by Public Restrooms

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- One reason why people who are away from home will wait until they return home to conduct their business in the bathroom is the fear of what they’ll find in a public restroom.

In fact, Bradley Corp., a maker of plumbing fixtures, discovered in a survey that 51 percent of respondents cited the poor condition of a company's facilities as contributing to an unpleasant experience there.

That’s something businesses need to be aware of for reasons other than hygiene.  Some 62 percent of survey respondents believe that unsanitary restrooms are a sign of poor management and about three in ten say that a filthy lavatory will stop them from ever coming back to that business.

The biggest turn-off in a public restroom is a putrid smell, according to the survey, followed by clogged or un-flushed toilets and generally dirty conditions.

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Most Americans Are Washing Up After Using Public Restrooms

Michael Hevesy/The Image Bank(MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis.) -- Americans are becoming more conscientious when it comes to washing their hands after using a public restroom.  According to the third annual Healthy Hand Washing Survey, 90 percent of Americans said they wash after using a public restroom, up from 87 percent in 2009.  The online survey of 1,053 respondents was commissioned by Bradley Corporation of Menomonee Falls, a manufacturer of bathroom furnishings.

The survey also revealed that 89 percent of parents planned to talk to their kids about the importance of hand washing at school.

Bradley's third annual Healthy Hand Washing Survey also revealed:

-- 64 percent of Americans always wet their hands before adding soap.
-- 13 percent always wash their hands for a specific amount of time.
-- 26 percent use a towel, sleeve or other material to open the restroom door after washing their hands.
-- 11 percent admit they are a germaphobe and have a fear of germs or unsanitary surfaces.
-- Stall door handles, restroom entrance doors and faucet handles are the top three surfaces respondents dislike touching the most in a public restroom.
-- 26 percent prefer to stop at a fast food restaurant for a restroom break when taking a car trip. McDonald's was the fast foot outlet mentioned most frequently. Another 25 percent prefer a state rest area.
-- 91 percent of respondents say an unclean restroom gives them a negative perception of a business.

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