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How Independent Spirit Awards Host Seth Rogen Stays Slim

Theo Wargo/Getty Images(SANTA MONICA, Calif.) -- The Artist swept the Independent Spirit Awards Saturday, racking up a new set of trophies in the home stretch to the Oscars. But backstage, the talk wasn’t just about the winners. caught up with celebrity trainer and The Revolution co-host Harley Pasternak to find out how he’s kept Seth Rogen, the emcee of the awards, so svelte. Rogen came to Pasternak to shed pounds for 2011′s The Green Hornet.

“If you ask him, he says the only reason he came to me is because we’re next door neighbors and because I’m also a Canadian Jew,” Pasternak joked. He said a 30-minute daily workout and adherence to his signature 5 Factor Diet got the comedian down to fighting shape.

As for how Rogen’s stayed that way?

“He’s found a lifestyle,” Pasternak said. “We didn’t ask him to anything so intense, like stick to a liquid diet or have a laxative or a hose up his a** or some kind of weird thing. Just skim milk instead of 2-percent, have a snack between meals, things like that.”

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