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Survey Says Bedroom Color Can Impact Sleep Quality, Sex Life

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- How much sleep you get might be at least partially determined by the color of your bedroom.

According to a recent survey, bedrooms decorated with more calm colors, like blue, yellow and green, often offer more sleep than those adorned with more stimulating colors. According to the U.K.'s Daily Mail, the survey showed that people whose bedrooms are blue get the most sleep, nearly eight hours on average. Comparatively, those with purple bedrooms get an average of under six hours of sleep.

Yellow, green, silver and orange bedrooms also offered more than seven hours sleep, which contributes to how a person might feel during the day.

According to the Daily Mail, the data relates to the way the human eye reacts to specific colors. Certain cells in the retina feed information the brain controlling body rhythms. Those cells happen to be most sensitive to the color blue.

Alternatively, purple is considered a stimulating color that drives creativity. With the color of their bedroom prompting the mind to keep working, even at night, people can be depriving themselves of important sleep.

Bedroom decoration can also affect people beyond sleeping patterns, says the Daily Mail. Couples who sleep in a caramel colored have sex three times per week on average, while those in red-colored bedrooms were intimate just once each week.

Similarly, couples with grey bedrooms spend the most time online shopping in bed, while silver bedrooms were often linked with more frequent exercise.

"Room color does influence your mood and set the tone for your living environment," Frances Whitley, in-house interior designer for Travelodge, told the Daily Mail.

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Intimate Moments End Too Soon, Many Americans Say

Stockbyte/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- A new survey finds a majority of Americans believe a healthy sex life makes them a better, husband, wife or partner, but half of the respondents admit feeling dissatisfied with the duration of their bedroom escapades.

A survey commissioned by Durex, the condom maker, finds 37 percent of Americans admitting that their intimate moments end too quickly.  On the flip side, 14 percent of male and female respondents said their bedroom sessions last longer than they would like.

Additional findings from the Durex survey:

  • 33 percent of women fantasize about meeting for a sexual rendezvous on the Eiffel Tower, while 31 percent of men prefer the power setting of the White House.
  • 46 percent of respondents believe they are more likely to see Big Foot than “finish” at the same time as their partner.

The Durex survey of 1,000 U.S. adults was conducted by Wakefield Research.

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Prostate Surgery May Not Necessarily Mean End of Sex Life

Jupiterimages/Thinkstock(LONDON) -- Health experts say undergoing prostate surgery does not necessarily mean the end of a man’s sex life.

Experts at The Prostate Centre in London say the majority of men that are treated at the center are able to continue with their sex lives after undergoing surgery, with experts adding that psycho-sexual counseling may contribute positively to men’s sex lives getting back on track following surgery.

“On average, 8 out of 10 men I see who have had prostate surgery continue having sex lives afterwards,” Lorraine Grover, the Centre's expert in psycho-sexual counseling said in a statement. “Psycho-sexual counseling, in addition to a wide range of medications and devices, plays a key role in helping men address these sorts of fears. That's why men shouldn't ignore prostate problems, but get themselves checked out.”

The Prostate Centre says psycho-sexual counseling can help men with reintroducing intimacy into their relationship after surgery; recognizing and overcoming fears over sexual performance; and making sense of their sex lives and the role it plays in their relationship.

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