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Report: Jenny Craig Tops List of Best Diets

Tim Boyle/Getty Images(YONKERS, N.Y.) -- Jenny Craig reigns queen of popular diets, according to a new report from Consumer Reports Health.

Researchers based the overall scores on adherence to the 2010 U.S. Dietary Guidelines and results of published randomized clinical studies that analyzed the short- and long-term weight loss and drop-out rates of seven popular diets.

Jenny Craig topped the list with 85 points.  Slim-Fast came in second with 63 points and Weight Watchers, a popular diet for many Americans, came in third with 57 points.

"We were pleased to be rated as Consumer Reports' best-rated diet," Jenny Craig CEO Patti Larchet said in a statement.  "This news confirms what we have always known: that Jenny Craig's clinically proven, comprehensive approach to weight management works."

The Jenny Craig diet offers its own brand of food, including single-serving entrees, snacks and desserts, which are sent to the dieters' homes.  Prices vary, but the cost of the food can range between $400 and $600 per month.  The company also offers weekly counseling sessions in-person or by phone.

Here are the seven popular diets ranked by Consumer Reports Health:

1. Jenny Craig
2. Slim-Fast
3. Weight Watchers
4. Zone
5. Ornish
6. Atkins
7. NutriSystem 

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Majority of Women Would Have Sex Every Day to Keep Weight Under Control

Brand X Pictures/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Women will apparently do most anything, including have sex each and every day, in order to avoid gaining weight.  A recent survey of 1,000 women by Slim-Fast finds 59 percent of respondents would have sex every day if it meant losing weight and keeping it off.

Additional findings from the Slim-Fast survey:

    * 45 percent of women surveyed would never have another glass of wine or any other alcohol if it meant they would never gain another pound.
    * 35 percent would never have coffee if it meant they would never gain another pound.
    * 29 percent would never touch chocolate again if it meant they would never gain another pound.
    * When asked if they would give up their best friend to never gain another pound, only five percent of women surveyed would choose to never speak to their best friend again.

Women also were asked to identify their most significant motivation to slim down:

    * Get into a bathing suit for the summer -- 40 percent
    * New Year’s Resolution -- 33 percent
    * Weddings -- 25 percent
    * High school reunions -- 20 percent

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