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McDonald's Will Unveil Menu Changes, New Nutrition Commitments 

Tim Boyle/Getty Images(OAK BROOK, Ill.) -- In an effort to follow through with a healthier approach to fast food, McDonald’s will unveil menu changes and new nutrition commitments via a live webcast with company president Jan Fields and senior director of nutrition Dr. Cindy Goody on Wednesday.

One of the biggest changes will be putting McDonald's venerable Happy Meal on a diet.

According to ABC's Good Morning America, the company will reduce the number of fries that come in a Happy Meal, and also bundle apple slices with the meal. The smaller portions will trim 100 calories from the whole meal, which reportedly has a calorie count of 590 -- a 20 percent reduction in calories, according to Fields.  What won't be cut, as some critics have demanded? That kid favorite, Happy Meal toys. "The toys are an important part of the experience," Fields told ABC's George Stephanopoulos on GMA Tuesday, laughing. "Kids have to have fun, you know!"

McDonald’s is one of several fast food chains to transition towards healthier, more nutritious menu options.

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