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Best Seat on the Plane? Hint: Not in Row 7

Medioimage​s/Photodis​c/Thinksto​ck(NEW YORK) -- Lucky no. 7 isn’t the best row to be seated in on a flight. And the worst isn’t row 13.

According to flight-comparison website Skyscanner, the very best seat on a flight is 6A.

The website came to this conclusion via a survey of more than 1,000 people on the subject of seat preferences. The site asked for favorite section of the plane and the preference for the window or aisle seat. It then combined responses to come up with the very best seat on a flight: 6A, a window seat up front.

And to finally settle a battle as old as the one between cat people and dog people, it turns out more people prefer the window to the aisle at the ratio of 60:40.

But when there is a winner, there must be a loser, too. The award for the very worst seat on a plane goes to 31E, a middle seat near the back of the plane.

The preference for seats towards the front of the plane won’t be news for the airlines, many of which have begun charging extra for these seats, as well as for the exit row and for seats with more legroom. Spirit and AirTran charge for any advance seat assignment, and while Southwest still has an open seating policy, it does offer, for $10, the opportunity to check into the flight early and be in the coveted first boarding group.

Most recently, Delta Airlines announced a new fare class called Basic Economy. These tickets run about $15 cheaper, but offer no opportunity for an advance seat assignment. In other words, prepare to be battling over both armrests.

A TripAdvisor survey released Wednesday found 40 percent of people would pay extra to sit in a designated “quiet” section of the plane. But don’t tell the airlines — we don’t want to give them any more ideas to pile on fees.

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Quality of Child Care Varies Greatly by Region

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(NEW YORK) - A new report has revealed in which states children get the best health care, and in which states they get the worst, reports WebMD.

According to a report card from the Commonwealth Fund, children in the upper Midwest and New England have the best access to affordable health care, prevention, treatment and overall health benefits. Iowa, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire made the top five for child health care.
The South and Southwest regions scored the worst with Florida, Texas, Arizona, Mississippi and Nevada making up the bottom five states.

“There are wide gaps between leading and lagging states for oral health problems, obesity, and smoking rates," said Karen Davis, president of the Commonwealth Fund. For example, just three percent of children in Massachusetts were uninsured in 2009, compared to 17 and 18 percent uninsured in Nevada, Florida, and Texas.

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