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Style Tips to Flatter All Figures

Abby Dale(NEW YORK) -- Abby Dale, a 26-year-old orthodontic assistant, had been fighting her weight all of her life until she woke up one morning and decided she needed to make a major change. Tipping the scales at 236 pounds, she enrolled in Weight Watchers two years ago and has lost nearly 100 pounds the old fashioned way, learning portion control, jogging regularly and borrowing workout videos from co-workers.

Dale’s determination impressed Weight Watchers. She won their Inspiring Stories contest, including a makeover session with the one and only Tim Gunn to dress her slimmer figure. Dale, who calls herself, “a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl,” is still getting used to her new body and recalibrating her brain to her new size. According to Gunn, that’s a process many women who have lost weight experience.

Gunn will guide other women as they undergo personal transformations of their own on ABC’s new show The Revolution, starting Jan. 16.  Here are Gunn’s top four tips to style your changing body throughout your weight loss journey.

  1. Follow three fashion fundamentals: silhouette, proportion and fit. When they are in harmony and balance, anyone can look fabulous.
  2. Invest in the essentials: wrap dresses, belts and skirt/top combinations. Each of these items can be introduced into the wardrobe at any point during weight loss and will have long lasting staying power as you continue to lose weight.
  3. Shop smartly: when people shop on a budget they are more mindful about how new items will fit into their wardrobe and lifestyle and how they will transition throughout the weight loss journey. Think strategically about your overall wardrobe and how the garments you are purchasing will fit in.
  4. Embrace your shape: even if it seems that everyone is wearing a particular style one season, be sure to evaluate how it will work with your shape before committing to purchase it yourself. Embrace your own shape -- it’s beautiful -- and adopt the trends that accentuate your best features.

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Pregnancy and Stilettos: Are They Safe?

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- As a slave to fashion, celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe announced that she does not own a pair of flat shoes, and, even now, seven months pregnant, Zoe rocks thigh-high stilettos for an afternoon on the town.

Last weekend, the 39-year-old Zoe was photographed with her husband and friends strolling around Los Angeles. Along with her stiletto platform boots, Zoe wore a belted black shirt-dress with a knit bomber jacket. Stylish indeed, but some wonder if Zoe is risking safety of body and baby for her high fashion style.

"Stilettos in general are not dangerous," said Dr. Lauren Streicher, a staff obstetrician gynecologist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. "We are fortunately long past the days when a pregnant woman had to wear a tent or a T-shirt with an arrow pointing to the belly."

Doctors say the main reason that high heels have gotten a bad rep is because a woman's body weight and shape change during pregnancy, and so does her center of gravity. Because of this, she may be more prone to falls, which could have dire consequences. But otherwise, a lot of the risk is to her own comfort.

"It's fine for a pregnant woman to wear stilettos, but she may find her balance is off, especially when she gets large," said Streicher. "If she were to fall, obviously she could break a leg, but there is no particular danger to that developing pregnancy."

Dr. Manuel Porto, professor and chairman of the department of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of California Irvine Medical Center, also said that the arched back posture that is used by most pregnant women to accommodate the change leads to low back pain. Wearing high-heeled shoes and boots can exacerbate those problems, especially as feet start to swell in the later months.

"Most obstetricians recommend that patients wear flat shoes or those with less than a two-inch heel, especially in the third trimester," said Porto.

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Brazilian Blowout Hair-Straightening Product Under Fire

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(PORTLAND, Ore.) -- Word is spreading about a salon product that promises longer-lasting results. Some U.S. women are lining up to get the Brazilian Blowout, a pricey method of hair-straightening that has been used by Jennifer Aniston, Lindsay Lohan, Reese Witherspoon and other celebrities. But recent testing shows the trademarked products may pose serious safety risks, which the manufacturer has flatly denied.

When staffers at an Oregon hair salon complained of eye irritation, nose bleeds and difficulty breathing after they used the products, state officials tested them. Chemists at the Oregon Occupation Heath and Safety Administration and the Oregon Health and Science University's Center for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology tested a sample from the complaining salon and other salons in the area. They found the samples contained significant levels of formaldehyde, even though the product was labeled as formaldehyde-free.

The Oregon Health and Science University issued a public health alert Thursday about the product, in which it said two formulations of the product contained 4.85 percent to 10.6 percent formaldehyde. If a hair treatment solution contains more than 0.1 percent formaldehyde, the manufacturer is required to alert the stylist. Additional laboratory analysis also detected four additional chemicals in each sample that were not quantified in the lab, including methanol and ethanol.

Everyone is exposed to small amounts of formaldehyde in air and some foods and products. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says low levels of exposure can cause irritation of the skin, eyes, nose and throat. High levels of exposure may cause some kinds of cancers, the CDC says.

The makers of Brazilian Blowout defended their product, saying they were conducting their own investigation. Because OSHA did not request samples directly from the company, Brazilian Blowout is questioning the results. ´╗┐

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