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Pig Sells for $20K -- Money Goes to Cancer Patient

Adam Gault/Thinkstock(TRENTON, Fla.) -- One Florida 10-year-old had big plans for his 255-pound pig. Chandler Beach, with help from the Suwannee River Fair, has raised more than $20,000 from the sale of his pig, all to help an 18-year-old boy who is battling cancer for the second time.

Bids started coming in Wednesday after Chandler told a fair volunteer about his plan to donate the proceeds from his pig’s sale to Corbin Wiggins, an athlete at Trenton High School. When Chandler stepped into the arena, the auctioneer stopped to announce that the boy would be giving the money to a friend of his who is battling cancer. This was the first time Chandler had shown an animal.

“Usually, they go for about $3 a pound,” Jennifer Beach, Chandler’s grandmother, told ABC News. “It went to $8 a pound, and we thought it was over, but it just kind of exploded from there.”

“It originally sold for $8 and we were thrilled,” Angie Wiggins, Corbin’s mother, told ABC News. “I ended up leaving early when it was at $62 a pound because that was after an hour of people sending in bids continuously.”

And the bids are still coming. Chandler’s pig, which he has been raising since November, was at $82 a pound as of Thursday night, Beach said. Although the fair is over, bidding for the pig will be extended until Friday, March 30. A representative for the fair could not be reached for comment.

“It spread like wildfire, and everyone kept giving out love,” Beach said. “It was just amazing, absolutely amazing.”

Corbin’s battle began last June when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. The Wiggins thought he was clear in November until a hit during a basketball game landed him in the hospital. A few days later, the family received the call that the cancer was back. Corbin couldn’t attend Wednesday’s bidding because he’d had a fever the night before.

“He was pretty upset that he missed it,” Wiggins said. “He is just so happy for what Chandler has done, because he’s been a godsend. He is definitely an angel.”

Four weeks ago, Chandler, who loves the rodeo, woke up giddy in his Trenton, Fla., home.

“I know what I’m going to do with my pig money,” he told his grandmother. “I’m going to give it to Corbin Wiggins.”

Beach said it was completely his idea. She asked if he had plans to keep a portion of the proceeds.

“No,” he said. “The good Lord said to give him all of it.”

Chandler and Corbin had never met before. Chandler learned about Corbin’s story in the local newspaper. Chandler’s mother, Misty, called Wiggins asking if it would be OK for Chandler to donate the money.

“I told her to talk him out of it, because that’s a lot of money,” Wiggins said. “But Misty said he was adamant.”

The boys met two weeks ago, and really hit it off, Wiggins said.

“Chandler is so kind-hearted and this has been so overwhelming what he did,” Wiggins said.

Corbin’s cancer returned just as he turned 18, so he missed out on a trip through the Make-a-Wish Foundation, Wiggins said. Chandler’s goal was to raise enough money so Corbin could go to Disney World and be a kid for a few days. Wiggins says he will definitely get it.

"Give the money to Corbin and the glory to God,” Chandler said. “I’m just in the middle.”

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