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Medical Tattoo Looks to Replace Bulky Devices

Courtesy: MC10(WASHINGTON) -- Gone may be the days of substantial and at times clunky medical objects like a hard metal pacemaker placed next to the heart or electrodes implanted within the brain.

Our bodies should not have to handle such bulky medical devices, David Icke, CEO of the electronic systems company MC10, told the audience Thursday at the TedMed Conference in Washington, D.C.

“What if electronics were soft and pliable? What if electronics conformed to us, instead of us conforming to them,” Icke said.

Icke and his colleagues created a sticky patch he called a “biostamp.” It’s as thin and flexible as a sticker that, when placed anywhere on or under the skin, can monitor your disease, detect changes in your body or even just simply keep up with your vital signs.

“Imagine for your kids playing contact sports, to be able to gauge impact to their head,” he said.

Icke said the patch can work as an early warning to changes in performance or motion.

The tattoo is still in the research phase, but Icke said his research team is already looking for new uses for it.

Icke told the crowd he would like to expand the use of the tattoo, even perhaps as "smart catheters” that can be placed deep into the heart that can sync with a smartphone for up-to-the-minute results of irregular heartbeats.

The researchers are also looking into having the patch encase the brain of epilepsy patients and ultimately replace electrodes to monitor seizures.

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Do Tattoos Make a Person Look Sexy?

Robert Ginn/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Thirty percent of people with a tattoo say the ink makes them feel sexier, but 45 percent of those without the permanent body art disagree, saying it makes those individuals less attractive.  The findings come from a new Harris Poll that shows one in five U.S. adults have at least one tattoo.

Among those with a tattoo, 86 percent have never regretted getting one.  One-quarter say having a tattoo makes them feel rebellious, and 21 percent say the ink makes them feel attractive or strong.  Sixteen percent of those with a tattoo say it makes them feel spiritual, and nine percent say it makes them feel healthier.

One-quarter of people without tattoos say those with ink are less intelligent and not as healthy.  Twenty-four percent of all adults say people with tattoos are more likely to do something deviant.

Tattoos are most prevalent in the West, with 26 percent of adults in that region reporting having at least one compared to 21 percent of adults both in the East and in the Midwest.  The South had the lowest percentage of people with tattoos, with 18 percent.

Eight-four percent of U.S. adults say young people should be between 18 and 21 years of age before they are able to get a tattoo without parental permission.

When it comes to other forms of body art, 49 percent of U.S. adults report having pierced ears.  Seven percent report having a piercing elsewhere on their body and four percent say they have a facial piercing not on the ear.

The Harris Poll involved 2,016 U.S. adults.

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Georgia Mom Allows 10-Year-Old to Get Tattoo

Cobb County Sheriff's Office(ATLANTA) -- A Georgia mother who was arrested for allowing her 10-year-old to get a tattoo said she had no idea it was illegal for him to get one, even with her consent.

When Chuntera Napier’s son Gaquan Napier asked her if he could get a memorial tattoo for his 12-year-old brother Malik who died after being hit by a car, Napier was touched by the request.

“My son came to me and said, ‘Mom, I want to get a tattoo with Malik on it, rest in peace,’” she told ABC News’ Atlanta affiliate WSB-TV. “It made me feel good to know that he wanted his brother on him.”

When Gaquan Napier was asked why he wanted the tattoo, he said, “Because it represents my brother.”

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Gaquan got a tattoo on his right arm of his brother’s name and his former basketball jersey number. Napier also has memorial tattoos for her son on her right arm.

When someone at his school noticed the tattoo and contacted authorities, Napier was arrested on Tuesday and charged with misdemeanor cruelty and being a party to a crime, according to WSB-TV. Napier bonded out of jail on Wednesday but is shocked that her consent was not enough for her son to get a tattoo.

“I always thought that if a parent gave consent, then it was fine,” she said. “How can somebody else say that it’s not okay? He’s my child, and I have the right to say what I want for my child. I can’t go tell anybody else what I want for their child.”

A Georgia law from 2010 states, “It shall be unlawful for any person to tattoo the body of any person under the age of 18, except a physician or osteopath.”

The Acworth Police Department did not respond to request for comment, and the Smyrna, Ga. artist who inked the tattoo is also under investigation.

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Penis Tattoo Leads to Permanent Erection

File photo. (Robert Ginn/Getty Images)(KERMANSHAH, Iran) -- A 21-year-old Iranian man has a permanent semi-erection after having “borow be salaamat” (good luck with your journeys) and the letter “M” (his girlfriend’s initial) tattooed on his penis.

The man, whose name is unknown, was diagnosed with nonischemic priapism — a condition resulting from the inability of blood to exit the penis. His case was detailed in the latest issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

“In our case, most probably, the handheld needle penetrated the penis too deep, creating an arteriovenous fistula,” wrote the study authors from Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences in Kermanshah, Iran. A fistula is a connection between two organs or vessels — in this case an artery and a vein — that normally don’t connect.

“For eight days after tattooing, the penis was painful, and thus there were no erections,” the authors wrote. “After that, the patient noticed longer-than-usual sleep-related erections. This progressed, within a week, to a constantly half-rigid penis, day and night.”

Men are advised to seek medical attention for an erection lasting more than four hours.

During a normal erection, blood rushes into the penis through the arteries to build up pressure and later leaves through the veins. But in nonischemic priapism, blood continues to enter faster than it can leave, causing persistent pressure and a permanent erection. The problem resolves naturally 62 percent of the time, the researchers reported. And when it doesn’t, men have the option of selective arterial embolism — a procedure that blocks the offending artery.

Instead, the Iranian man chose to have a shunt implanted to drain the excess blood, according to the report.

“Predictably, the procedure was unsuccessful,” the authors wrote. “Because of the painless nature of erections, moderately good preservation of erectile function during intercourses, and disappointment with former surgery, the patient has declined to undergo further therapies, and lives with his condition.”

Despite his permanent erection, the man has no regrets over his penis tattoo, according to the report. Nevertheless, the report authors advise against the practice.

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