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Today's Technology Impacts Privacy in Our Love Lives

Jupiterimages/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Privacy is a quaint concept but it doesn’t seem to be respected much in today’s electronic world.

Since there are unlimited ways to communicate, it also gives people an easier way to cheat on a significant other. And if that’s the case, many of those who feel they’re being two-timed say it’s perfectly acceptable to check their partner’s text messages, voicemails or emails.

Surveying 2,000 adults, the online dating service discovered that 37 percent of women believe it’s okay to conduct some electronic snooping if “bad behavior” is suspected, while 29 percent of guys feel the same.

What happens to be acceptable seems to vary with people’s ages. Checking another person’s texts, voicemails and emails gets the nod from 36 percent of all adults aged 18 to 34 while only 26 percent of adults over 55 approve of it.

Even more interesting is that 41 percent of the younger respondents say it’s acceptable to date more than one person at a time while over half of those older than 55 don’t see anything wrong with going out with multiple people.

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