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Mother of the World’s First 'Test-Tube Baby,’ Lesley Brown Dies at 64

David De Lossy/Digital Vision(BRISTOL, England) -- The mother of the world's first "test-tube baby," born on July 25, 1978, died on June 6 in Bristol, England, The New York Times reports.

Lesley Brown apparently died of complications from a gallbladder infection.

In vitro fertilization was developed by Dr. Robert G. Edwards and Dr. Patrick Steptoe as a stepping stone for couples to treat infertility in the 70's. Although Dr. Edwards and Dr. Steptoe had tried the in vitro treatment on about 60 couples, Louise Brown became the first successful “test-tube baby,” the paper says.

Lesley Brown went on to have another daughter, Natalie, also conceived with in vitro fertilization.  

In 2007, Mr. Brown died at the age of 64.  Mrs. Brown is survived by her three grandchildren and two daughters, according to the Times.

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