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Overheating Laptops Can Pose Danger to Exposed Skin on Legs

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Toasted leg syndrome appears to be making a comeback thanks to modern day technology.  Before central heating was common, people suffered similar leg irritations from sitting too close to the fireplace.  Now, the culprit seems to be laptops.  In a recent case, a 12-year-old boy who used his laptop to play games became the 10th reported case in the last six years.

When laptops are working hard, the processor creates a lot of heat. If the fans and vents are baffled by your legs, temperatures can soar, possibly up to 125 degrees, Eastern Virginia Medical School's Kimberly Salkey told ABC News.

Sometimes, the computer actually doesn't feel like it's burning the user, but acts more like a sunburn, damaging skin over time and without warning.

According to experts, the obvious advice is to pay attention to how hot your computer gets. Rather than putting something like a pillow between your legs and the laptop, which can muffle the fans, putting the laptop on a desk or hard surface can help get air through the cooling fans.

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