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Getting Your Tongue Pierced? Research Says Go Plastic

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(INNSBRUCK, Austria) – New research suggests that plastic studs used in tongue piercings are less likely to cause infection compared to metal studs, according to HealthDay News.

Researchers at Innsbruck Medical University in Austria found that stainless steel studs are more likely to build up bacteria and cause infections or other complications.

“Consumers should avoid stainless steel and titanium studs in favor of [plastic], not only because of bacteria and a potentially higher risk of local infection of the piercing channel, but also because of the risk of tooth chipping and gum recession," said study author Dr. Ines Kapferer.

Researchers tested their theory on 80 people ages 16 to 36 with recent tongue piercings by giving them stainless steel, titanium or plastic studs. Those who wore the stainless steel studs had the highest accumulation of bacteria in lab tests. 

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