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Children Often Gain Weight After Getting Tonsils Removed

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(ST. LOUIS, M.O.) - Although food consumption is often limited immediately after getting a tonsillectomy, new research suggests that children who get their tonsils removed often gain weight.

According to WebMD, researchers at Saint Louis University found that children who get their tonsils removed gained more weight than was normal.

"About 30 to 50 percent of this generation of children is overweight so anything that can exacerbate that should be looked at very closely," Dr. Anita Jeyakumar, a pediatric otolaryngologist at Saint Louis University Medical School, told WebMD.

Over the course of the study, 795 children were monitored for weight gain after surgery using different methods of weight measurement. In one group, where Body Mass Index (BMI) was used to judge weight gain, it was found that those who had their tonsils removed saw a seven-percent increase in their BMI after surgery, 3.6 percent above the control group.

Jeyakumar and her colleagues determined that doctors should take more care in determining whether such a surgery in necessary, or whether other options may be available.

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