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‘Are We There Yet?’ Survey Reveals How Often Kids Ask

Noel Hendrickson/Digital Vision(NEW YORK) --  “Are we there yet?” It’s the age-old question asked by kids on family vacations everywhere. And while it can seem like children ask it hundreds of times during the course of a family vacation, it’s actually far fewer, according to a new survey.

The question is asked an average of nine times on a seven-day family vacation, according to Cambria Suites, a hotel chain. For parents of kids six and younger, however, you can expect to be asked the dreaded question 13 times.

The survey revealed a few other family vacation tidbits. While most respondents (65 percent) view their family vacation experiences as positive, for instance, parents come home exhausted. One in four reported needing a vacation after returning from their vacation.

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What’s More Joyous Than Childbirth?

Steve Mason/Digital Vision(LOS ANGELES) -- Everyone loves going on vacation, and a new survey by the online photo sharing website Shutterfly reveals just how much folks enjoy getting away from it all.

A recent survey of 1,000 adults finds 57 percent of respondents picked going on vacation as the most joyous moment of their lives, followed by the birth of a child.

The top five most joyous moments, according survey respondents:

  • Vacations -- 57 percent
  • Birth of child/children -- 49 percent
  • Winter holidays -- 46 percent
  • Own wedding -- 43 percent
  • Milestone birthdays -- 33 percent

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