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New Study Links Diet Soda to 'Vascular Events'

Fuse/Thinkstock(BOSTON) -- A new study suggests people who drink diet soda every day could be at a higher risk of strokes, heart attacks, and, in some cases -- vascular death.

The Doctors Health Press published an online e-bulletin Feb. 6 in which it shared results of a study of 2,564 people designed to help determine if there is a correlation between diet soft drinks and "vascular events," which include strokes and heart attacks.

Researchers say they counted the number of vascular events over a 10-year period and attempted to trace the subjects' consumption of diet soda. The results showed people who drank diet soft drinks every day were 43 percent more likely to have suffered a stroke or heart attack than those who consumed none at all. Additionally, researchers say the results showed those who were "light" diet soda drinkers and those who drank regular soda were not more likely to suffer vascular events.

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Checking Blood Pressure on Both Arms Can Detect Silent Killer

Darrin Klimek/Digital Vision/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- When you get your blood pressure checked at the doctor's office, the usual protocol is to take the reading from one arm.  But now, research suggests that checking both arms instead could help save you from a silent killer.

A new study published in the journal Lancet finds that if between both arms there's a difference of more than 15 points in the top (systolic) number, a patient could have vascular disease.

Dr. Oscar Garfein, a cardiologist and advocate of taking blood pressure from both arms, said taking the extra step saved the life of one of his patients.

"I found that it one arm it was very, very low and the other one it was normal and it helped me arrive at a diagnosis of a potentially lethal condition," he said.

"All it takes is about one minute and you can find something that really most of the time points to the fact this patient has established vascular disease," Garfein added.

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