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Is Your Car Making You Fat?

Digital Vision/Thinkstock(CHICAGO) -- Those suffering with obesity might blame their fatty diets or genetics for their weight gain, but new research suggests there may be a new culprit causing you to tip the scale: your car.

Sheldon Jacobson, a professor at the University of Illinois, says he's done the math over the years and has determined that cars are to blame for America's obesity epidemic.

"What we found was an over 99 percent correlation between the two," Jacobson says.

"The more time we spend in an automobile, the less opportunity we have to expend energy through other means such as walking or just everyday living," he adds.

Adding to the mix are the abundance of fast food drive-thru restaurants, which allow drivers to remain in their vehicles while ordering foods that are usually high in caloric value.

But, as Jacobson says, there is a solution.

"Getting out of the car is, in fact, a wonderful thing to help our obesity epidemic," he says.

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