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Workout Pants Claim to Help You Burn More Calories

FogStock/Thinkstock (file photo)(NEW YORK) -- It’s literally the hottest new trend winning over the fitness fashion-forward.

The Zaggora HotPant is part of a clothing line that claims to help you burn more calories by making you not only look, but also feel hot.

ABC News’ Juju Chang visited Zaggora’s founder, Dessi Bell, a 28-year-old investment banker turned workout guru, to give the pants a try.

“You can actually burn more calories by just wearing these clothes?” Chang asked.

“Because it makes you hotter,” Bell replied.  “The body burns more calories when you get hotter.”

According to Bell, these pants will make you sweat while helping you melt off those extra pounds.

“We found that wearing HotPants versus a normal garment helps you burn 11 percent more calories while you’re exercising, but even an hour after you work out it helps you burn 13 percent more calories,” Bell said.

“So it helps you burn calories even after you stop working out?” Chang asked.

“Yes,” said Bell.  “Because you are hotter so your body continues being hotter even after you work out.”

In 2012 alone, there have been fitness fads with everything from leg toning shoes to vibrating barbells, but despite all the other options, Zagorra has its true believers.

The workout wear is selling like hotcakes, thanks in part to real women posting real reviews on the Facebook page, which now has more than 300,000 fans.

“Our biggest market is moms, and moms are great because once moms get behind a product, they tell all their friends,” said Bell.

Bell originally came up with the idea for the HotPant after struggling to find an effective weight-loss and tone up solution in time for her wedding.

The HotPant, which the manufacturer says has undergone testing at the Chelsea School at Brighton University to prove its effectiveness, is designed with Celu-Lite technology fabric lining.

To see the pants’ benefits, however, its promoters say you must exercise with moderate intensity for at least 30 minutes.

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Zumba Fitness Rush for XBox Kinect Will Teach You How to Zumba


Microsoft(NEW YORK) -- On Feb 13, Zumba fitness dancing returns to XBox Kinect with Zumba Fitness Rush, bringing with it the craze that launched classes, clothing lines and, yes, even conventions all over the world. Will the new game live up to an in-studio Zumba workout?

While the Wii incarnation of the game works by strapping a Wiimote to the hip, which does little to score players correctly for things like arm movement, the game's transition to Kinect has done a fine job of providing motion-tracking that scores accurately based on a full body range of movement and timing.

While some of the moves can seem repetitive compared to other dance games, the game does focus less on quickly throwing complicated dance steps one's way and more on moving to the rhythm of the music. Don't expect to interpret the lyrics with your body or do the robot; instead, you'll get an aerobic workout with flares of salsa and reggaeton. Because Zumba Fitness Rush's dance moves are sustained for longer than in other games, indicators for upcoming moves are not constantly in one's face. They pop up sparingly, and the game is more aesthetically pleasing for it.

The songs and moves were lifted directly out of a Zumba class and the soundtrack includes all of the staples from the Wii version of the game, with plenty of additional tracks. Each song has only one level of difficulty, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. In Zumba Fitness Rush, the tempo and length of the music inform the difficulty of the workout, meaning the slower-paced "easy" songs are not shoehorned into difficult mode by adding complicated moves that don't fit the rhythm.

Zumba Fitness Rush could be the ideal game for those looking to learn how to dance, Zumba style. There's a tutorial mode to teach you the ropes with step-by-step instructions. Kinect does a far better job scoring, based on full-body movement, than Wii does, so you're more likely to pull off your moves correctly. Essentially, the game will train you into a Zumba dancing machine.

The game also provides an unexpected amount of detail. The stages are populated by real-world Zumba instructors, and the locations are places where actual dance classes have been held. Zumba Fitness Rush is like a sports title in this respect, trading stadiums and famous pro athletes for real life venues and celebrity trainers.

Perhaps most intriguing is the number of workout "classes" the new game was offering, increasing the total from 30 on Wii to 45 on Kinect. A one-disc game offers an impressive number of classes at 20-minute, half-hour and hour-long increments, providing programs of varying difficulties that can be continuously danced through without having to navigate menus.

Calorie counters track your progress. But for most of the game's modes, don't expect the game to record burned calories if you have to bail halfway through a class.

Anyone remotely familiar with the Zumba fitness dancing craze or the XBox Kinect motion sensor can recognize the potential of a game that does it right, and Zumba Fitness Rush delivers.

The Zumba curious or current Zumba fans will eat it up. And guys, there might be no better way to Kinect with your Valentine this year. So don't overlook the game when out choosing between restaurant reservations and that trip to the drugstore for chocolates.

Zumba Fitness Rush is available in stores on Feb. 13 for the XBox Kinect.

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Style Tips to Flatter All Figures

Abby Dale(NEW YORK) -- Abby Dale, a 26-year-old orthodontic assistant, had been fighting her weight all of her life until she woke up one morning and decided she needed to make a major change. Tipping the scales at 236 pounds, she enrolled in Weight Watchers two years ago and has lost nearly 100 pounds the old fashioned way, learning portion control, jogging regularly and borrowing workout videos from co-workers.

Dale’s determination impressed Weight Watchers. She won their Inspiring Stories contest, including a makeover session with the one and only Tim Gunn to dress her slimmer figure. Dale, who calls herself, “a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl,” is still getting used to her new body and recalibrating her brain to her new size. According to Gunn, that’s a process many women who have lost weight experience.

Gunn will guide other women as they undergo personal transformations of their own on ABC’s new show The Revolution, starting Jan. 16.  Here are Gunn’s top four tips to style your changing body throughout your weight loss journey.

  1. Follow three fashion fundamentals: silhouette, proportion and fit. When they are in harmony and balance, anyone can look fabulous.
  2. Invest in the essentials: wrap dresses, belts and skirt/top combinations. Each of these items can be introduced into the wardrobe at any point during weight loss and will have long lasting staying power as you continue to lose weight.
  3. Shop smartly: when people shop on a budget they are more mindful about how new items will fit into their wardrobe and lifestyle and how they will transition throughout the weight loss journey. Think strategically about your overall wardrobe and how the garments you are purchasing will fit in.
  4. Embrace your shape: even if it seems that everyone is wearing a particular style one season, be sure to evaluate how it will work with your shape before committing to purchase it yourself. Embrace your own shape -- it’s beautiful -- and adopt the trends that accentuate your best features.

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Michelle Obama Busts a Move for Health Initiative

LetsMove [dot] gov(WASHINGTON) -- It’s not every day that you see the first lady of the United States doing “The Running Man” and “The Dougie.”  But on Tuesday, Michelle Obama, well, busted a move.

While visiting the Alice Deal Middle School in Washington, D.C., Mrs. Obama watched students perform the dance routine choreographed by Beyonce for Mrs. Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign.  The video, called a “Let's Move!" flash workout, is set to Beyonce’s "Move Your Body” and aims to get kids moving in an attempt to curb childhood obesity.

“Beyoncé is one of my favorite performers on the planet.  And when she agreed to remake her video and do this "Let's Move!" flash workout, I was so excited, because this is what we’ve been talking about -- that exercise and moving can be fun,” Mrs. Obama said.  “It’s about dancing, it’s about moving.”

The first lady said that she she hadn't had time to learn the moves so as “not to embarrass” herself, she’d just watch from the sidelines as the students danced in front of her on the football field.

But once the music started, Mrs. Obama couldn’t resist and she started mimicking the moves -- including The Dougie, The Running Man, the Cha-Cha, and the Rumba, among many other choreographed dance moves.

She called for a second playing of the song so she could join in, which she did.

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