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Woman Sets World Record With 52 Cosmetic Procedures

George Doyle/Stockbyte/Thinkstock(LONDON) -- Cindy Jackson, a Londoner who hails from the American Midwest, has had $100,000 in cosmetic procedures, including 14 full-scale operations as well as cuts, pulls, peels and jabs.

She's had Botox, five face-lifts and liposuction, and her eyes have been done -- twice.  In total, Jackson has had 52 cosmetic procedures, a world record for the most procedures ever undergone by one person.

"I didn't set out to break, to set a world record, it was never my ambition, it's just that I had so much done," she said.

Asked why she had, she gave a simple reply: "For me, it was just to look better."

"For me, the best result is one that looks natural," Jackson added.  "I wouldn't ever want anyone to stop and stare at me and say 'that woman's had a lot of surgery.'  I would never want to look like I'd had anything done."

Jackson, 55, grew up in small town Ohio, with a short-tempered father and low self-esteem.

She recalled a comment someone made to her when she was young: "One guy said when I was 14, 'You know Cindy, when you smile, from the side your nose and chin almost meet.'"

"It was like being in the wrong body and wrong face and I felt that very much and wanted to change it," she said.

When her father died, he left her some money, and she used it to start her transformation.

She says she's been careful to take it slow, but also said she just wants to look beautiful and young.

"I feel like a young spirit and I don't want to look in the mirror and see and old face.  I feel this is me," she said.  "This is the way I should look."

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95-Year-Old Woman Sets Running Record

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(NEW YORK) -- A 95-year-old New York woman set a world record last week when she ran at a track meet in northern Manhattan.

Ida Keeling, coming in at 83 pounds and standing 4 feet, 6 inches tall, ran 60 meters in 29.86 seconds at the meet, becoming the first woman her age to ever accomplish that feat.

The 95-year-old, who takes only one prescription drug and recalls names and dates with the speed of someone half her age, said she feels years younger than her true age.

"Like a puppy," Keeling declared.  "I feel younger now than when I was in my 30s and 40s!"

Over her long life, Keeling has endured the kind of heartbreak and hardship that could grind anyone down.  Her mother passed away when she was a child, and her husband died suddenly of a heart attack when he was just 42.  She lost two sons, Charles and Donald, to drug-related killings in 1979 and 1981.

But in running, Keeling found a refuge.

Her daughter, Shelley Keeling, who is a lawyer and real estate investor and coaches track and field at a nearby high school, convinced her to go on a "mini-run" when her mother was 67.  Two years later, Ida Keeling ran a 5K race, and she's been running ever since.

"It felt good, and I felt uplifted.  I said, 'Well, gee, this is for me,"' Kelling said.

When asked about the secrets to her good health, Keeling said she eats a light breakfast for dinner and a dinner -- say hamburger, or liver, or fish -- for breakfast.

Keeling said she is not sure how much longer she will run, although she said she hopes to "make it to 108," which would give her four more years than her father's mother, who lived until the age of 104.

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