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Can Researchers Prevent Cancer from Spreading?

Photo Courtesy - ABC News (LONDON) -- A study, published in Oncogene, reports that stopping the gene, called WWP2, which encourages cancer to move around the body could prevent the disease from spreading.  Researchers at the University of East Anglia are hoping the discovery of this gene could lead to the development of new cancer drugs within the next decade.

Although physicians can often treat primary cancers, it is the spread of tumors and cancerous cells known as metastasis that are notoriously difficult to treat.

Although the study is still in laboratory stages, Dr. Andrew Chantry, the study's leader, says they are "really onto something important if we can put a wall around a cancer and lock it into place."

The team is currently assembling a group of chemists to help them design a drug that will have the ability to block gene activity.

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