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Study: Children's Car Safety Seats Not So Safe

Creatas Images(NEW YORK) -- A study has found that securing children in car seats may not be enough to ensure safety while on the road.

According to a study conducted by the Yale School of Medicine and presented at a Pediatric Academic Societies meeting, buckling children into car safety seats may not be enough to minimize risk of injury. The study involved almost 400 parents being surveyed, with half of those surveyed saying that at least one of their children had managed to unbuckle their car seat restraints. Of those children who were successful in unbuckling seat restraints, 75 percent were said to be age three or younger.

The study found that parents were forced to pull over and re-buckle the safety seats before continuing on their journey, and researchers say that the unbuckling by children is another potential safety hazard that needs to be addressed.

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Which Is Better in a Hospital: Teamwork or Protocol?

Ryan McVay/Photodisc(NEW HAVEN, Conn.) -- A new study from the Yale School of Medicine seeks to determine what distinguishes hospitals that have lower heart attack patient deaths.

The study involved 160 hospital staff members at 11 hospitals, comprising the extremes of patient death rates.

The researchers determined that the better hospitals were more organized and had greater solidarity. They also found that communication was a significant factor in their success, with senior management more noticeably involved in the treatment process and having a more acute sense of mission and goals.

Previous studies sought a "checklist" system for success, although these more recent findings imply that teamwork, rather than process, is a better recipe for success.

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