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The ‘Anti-Diet’ Shaping Up as One Woman’s ‘Aha’ Moment

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- It took Kelsey Miller 29 years to reach her dieting “aha” moment.

“I was doing a workout a couple months ago, and I was feeling just like I wanted to die from it,” Miller said on ABC's Good Morning America Tuesday.  “I was feeling so out of shape, and I realized in that moment what I had been doing my whole life wasn’t working.”

That’s when Miller embraced what she called a “license to eat” philosophy.

“It’s really about diet-deprogramming and learning to eat based on your internal cues,” Miller said.  “Learn to trust yourself around food because your body’s smart and you’re not an idiot.”

After many years of eating a small bowl of cereal for breakfast and a salad at lunch, Miller now gives her body what it wants.  For example, breakfast usually includes eggs and toast.

“If I start my day with what I really want, I don’t find myself snacking; I don’t find myself going for this obsessive candy bowl,” Miller said.

Miller supplements this new diet with twice-weekly personal training sessions and three workouts on her own. 

As a writer for, she is chronicling her journey.

“I’m going to do this for real, because I’m done with all the myths, the juggling, and the nonsense I’ve lived on for so long,” Miller wrote on Refinery 29.  “I’m ready to begin something new.”

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