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The Weak-Willed Gain More Weight During the Week

Fuse/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- People who watch what they eat during the week and then gorge themselves on the weekend are doing it all right if they're trying not to gain weight.

In a study conducted of 80 people ages 25 to 62, U.S. and Finnish researchers learned that those who tracked their eating habits Monday through Friday in order not to overindulge were more successful in actually shedding pounds than participants who didn't pay any attention to what they consumed throughout the same period.

The researchers confirmed previous studies that show people weigh more on Sunday or early Monday compared to any other time of the week and weigh the least on Friday morning. This is apparently a natural fluctuation of the body.

Co-author Brian Wansink from Cornell University says that study participants who lost weight were religious about keeping healthy eating habits from Monday through Friday in order to offset any gain from the weekend.

In an effort to explain this phenomenon, Wansink speculates that weekdays are more regimented while the weekends are filled with temptations that aren't as readily available otherwise.

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