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Vodka Saves Life of Maltese Terrier

iStock/Thinkstock(MELBOURNE, Australia) -- A Maltese terrier named Charlie went on an epic bender to save his life after accidentally licking antifreeze off the floor of his owner’s garage.

Owner Jacinta Rosewarne noticed her dog was acting strange and rushed the canine to the nearby Animal Accident & Emergency hospital in Melbourne, Australia, where he was diagnosed with Ethylene Glycol poisoning.

An overdose of Ethylene Glycol only has one cure — lots of booze.

Alcohol can alter the chemicals in Ethylene Glycol, rendering them mostly harmless.

Vets pumped vodka straight into the doggie’s stomach in multiple doses to the point where Charlie was wobbling about like a canine remake of The Lost Weekend. The drunken spell lasted about 48 hours.

“He was stumbling around, I’d go to pat him and he’d push me away like a normal drunk person, he was vomiting a little, whining like a drunk,” Rosewarne told The Herald Sun. “I thought it was hilarious … It was distressing but funny at the same time.”

Charlie’s now in good health — though his head might be pounding.

“The good news is that Charlie has recovered and is not showing signs of kidney failure,” vets wrote on the hospital’s blog. “Charlie went home this morning, still nursing a hangover.”

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