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Who Has More Road Rage: Males or Females?

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- More men than women honk at someone driving too slowly, according to a new survey. But after polling 1,000 adults, also found that ladies are more likely to flip the finger at another motorist and swear in front of the kids while driving.

About a quarter of the drivers surveyed who admit to bad behavior toward their fellow motorists say they have no regrets.  Of those who do confess to later feeling some remorse, 75 percent regret swearing in front of the kids and 62 percent are sorry they dinged another car in a parking lot and drove away. 

Fifty-one percent of respondents wish they hadn’t cursed out another driver in front of their in-laws and the same percentage regretted driving off when it wasn’t their turn at a four-way stop sign.

Still, less than half of all respondents admitted to feeling remorse after giving another driver the finger.

Here’s’s ranking of discourteous driver deeds in order of the percentage of respondents who plead guilty to the behavior. The ranking is also broken down by gender:

  • Honked at someone driving too slowly: 41 percent (Women: 39 percent; Men: 43 percent)
  • Swore in front of the kids while driving: 37 percent (Women: 44 percent; Men: 30 percent)
  • Flipped someone off while driving: 29 percent (Women: 31 percent; Men: 27 percent)
  • Brake-checked a car following too closely: 28 percent (Women: 30 percent; Men: 27 percent)
  • Sped up significantly to prevent someone from passing you: 26 percent (Women: 25 percent; Men: 28 percent)
  • Gone when it wasn’t your turn at a four-way stop: 19 percent (Women: 18 percent; Men: 20 percent)
  • Tailgated someone on purpose because he or she was going too slowly: 18 percent (Women: 21 percent; Men: 16 percent)
  • Driven to the front of a merge line, then swerved and cut in: 12 percent (Women: 11 percent; Men: 13 percent)
  • Stolen a parking spot someone else was waiting for: 11 percent (Women: 9 percent; Men: 13 percent)
  • Driven in the breakdown lane around traffic: 10 percent (Women: 8 percent; Men: 13 percent)
  • Sped up to block another car with its signal on: 9 percent (Women: 8 percent; Men: 10 percent)
  • Chased after a car that cut you off so you could glare at/flip off the other driver: 9 percent (Women: 7 percent; Men: 11 percent)
  • Swore in front of elderly in-laws while driving: 9 percent (Women: 9 percent; Men: 10 percent)
  • Dinged someone’s car in a parking lot and driven away: 8 percent (Women: 8 percent; Men: 8 percent)
  • Turned on your brights at an oncoming car just to be mean: 7 percent (Women: 4 percent; Men: 11 percent)
  • Keyed someone’s car: 5 percent (Women: 3 percent; Men: 7 percent)

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