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Your Body: Facts about the flu virus

iStock/ThinkstockDR. JENNIFER ASHTON, ABC News Senior Medical Contributor

The only thing that’s predictable about the flu is that we will have a flu season every year.

January through March tends to be peak flu season, so if you haven’t already gotten the vaccine, it’s not too late. It takes about two weeks for it to do its work, so the sooner the better.

And there’s good news: This year, the particular strain that we’re seeing is included in the new vaccine.  

There are so many myths about the flu and the flu shot, but I want you to know the facts:

  • The vaccine cannot give you the flu virus because it doesn’t contain live virus.
  • While it’s only about 65 percent effective in preventing the flu, the vaccine can decrease symptoms and severity if you do get sick.
  • If you do get the flu, you could miss weeks of work and infect others, so I recommend you take this seriously.

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