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"West Wing" Cast Re-Unites in Ad for Mich. Supreme Court Candidate

(DETROIT) -- The cast of the West Wing has re-united, and they're reminding voters in November to check every box on their ballot -- not just those for president and Congress -- in an ad put out by Michigan Supreme Court candidate Bridget McCormack.

“This is a disaster, it’s a catastrophe,” says Bradley Whitford, who played deputy chief of staff Josh Lyman in the hit TV show. “People walk into the voting booth, they check the straight party ticket box and they think they’ve voted for everything. But they haven’t. They still have to vote in the non-partisan section of the ballot.”

In 15 states, voters can select the “vote straight ticket Republican” or “vote straight ticket Democrat” at the top of the ballot rather than marking their picks in each race. But because some of those states have nonpartisan races, such as state Supreme Court Justices in Michigan, that one check mark equates to leaving part of the ballot blank.

In the ad, Josh Lyman describes McCormack as a lawyer who "spent her entire career fighting for justice for ordinary people, for families with sick kids for victims of domestic violence.” Toby Ziegler, who is played by actor Richard Schiff, describes her as a “married, mother of four, dean at Michigan Law.”

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