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LeAnn Rimes in Talks to Appear with Eddie Cibrian on "The Playboy Club"

Curb RecordsLeAnn Rimes has a budding acting career with her recent guest role on Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva and a co-starring role with Burt Reynolds in the upcoming CMT movie Reel Love.  Of course, her husband Eddie Cibrian stars in the NBC drama The Playboy Club, and LeAnn tells ABC News Radio she may pop up on that show soon as well.  "We've been talking about it ever since it started," LeAnn says.  "It was just trying to figure out a fun way to bring me on so it's not just me coming on and singing."  Since The Playboy Club is set in the '60s, singers appear as different artists of the past.  Says LeAnn, "We're trying to figure out how to blend that all in together."

So, what does LeAnn think of Eddie's performance on The Playboy Club so far?  "It's a great show," she says.  "I'm proud of him.  He's done a great job."

On the music front, LeAnn's new album, Lady & Gentlemen, is in stores Tuesday.

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