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Event-Planning Company "Blue Ivy" Wants Beyonce's Baby to Be Its New Face

Kevin Mazur/WireImageWhile fans and journalists alike ponder the meaning of Blue Ivy -- the name of Beyonce and Jay Z's new daughter -- the name's old hat for Blue Ivy, a Boston-based event-planning company.  Since the birth of Blue Ivy the baby was announced, Blue Ivy the company has been inundated with calls, emails and plenty of inadvertent Facebook and Twitter mentions.  "It's been crazy," Veronica Alexandra, the Harvard alumna who runs the company, tells ABC News Radio.  "I got my first call about it at 5:23 [Monday] morning and it hasn't let up. This is unbelievable."

Blue Ivy has locations in Boston, and also serves California and Florida.  Alexandra tells ABC News Radio she's thrilled with the unexpectedly free publicity, and adds that she's willing to sponsor Blue Ivy's first birthday party.  She even goes so far as to say the A-List baby should be "the face of the company."  Given her parents' knack for scoring endorsement deals, that might not be out of the question for the newborn.

Alexandra explains it took her six months to come up with the perfect name for her successful endeavor, and marvels that in the end, her ideal name was the same one that, she says, "Beyonce chose for the most important person in her life."

While Beyonce's inspiration was reportedly Jay's favorite color and a reference to his Blueprint albums, coupled with a play on her favorite number, four -- "IV" in Roman numerals -- the roots of the company's name were obviously different.  Alexandra claims she got the monicker from a rare blue flower that represents inspiration, as well as the "intertwining, infinite nature of ivy."  She joked she may start a side business creating edgy baby names.

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