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Madonna Promises the NFL "No Nipples" at Super Bowl; Reveals Oscar Pick

Stefan M. Prager/RedfernsGiven Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl several years ago, and given Madonna's long history of sexual provocation, it's not surprising that the NFL had some questions for Madge while she was developing her half time show for this year's Super Bowl.  In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Madonna says, "They were curious about my costumes and the costumes of the dancers...They were very clear with us up front that they don't want nipples or anything like that, and I didn't have any intention of doing that, so I was like, 'OK, we're cool.'"

"No one's asked me to tone down my moves," Madonna added, but told the Times that she was fretting over her highly-anticipated performance in Indiana on February 5. "I have 12 minutes and 40 seconds to do something extravagant and exciting in the middle of something that's quite sacred to all of America," she said, "I'm more nervous about this than most things I've done, simply because ... it's not how I'm used to working. I'm a perfectionist. I like everything to be done just so."

In addition to performing at the Super Bowl and prepping the release of her new album M.D.N.A., Madonna is also promoting her new movie, W.E., which received an Oscar nomination for Best Costume Design.  As a  member of the actor's branch of the Academy, Madonna is also an Oscar voter, and she tells the Los Angeles Times that her pick for Best Picture is Terence Malick's Tree of Life, a film which just happens to star her ex-husband, Sean Penn.   The movie has been both praised and slammed by viewers and critics, but Madonna calls it "stunningly beautiful" and adds, "I think it’s a spiritual, deeply profound movie. My mouth was hanging open the entire time I was watching it."

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