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Jason Bonham Says There's "No Talk" of Led Zeppelin Olympics Reunion

LedZeppelin.comA few months back, reports circulated in the media revealing that Olympics organizers were hoping to convince Led Zeppelin to reunite to perform at the Summer Games in London.  In an article published last week in The Sun, drummer Jason Bonham says he thinks that scenario seems very unlikely.

"If you ask me today is it gonna happen immediately, well no, there is no talk of it," he admitted, adding, "But if you said to me in 2007 I would play with Led Zeppelin in December that year I would say you're nuts, so you never know."

Jason, of course, has pounded the skins several times for the group's surviving members after the death of his father, founding Zeppelin drummer John Bonham, in 1980 -- including during the band's last reunion to date, at London's O2 Arena four years ago.

Bonham shared similar sentiments about the possibility of another Zeppelin reunion when he chatted recently with ABC News Radio.

"You can never say never," he insisted.  "You know what?  We can all have wishes and dreams and hopes.  I said to [singer] Robert [Plant] once, 'I only wanted to do it once.'  He goes, 'And you did it.  You did it twice.  You're doing it more than that now.'"

Bonham told ABC News Radio that he'd obviously jump at the chance if the rock legends do ever decide to give it another go.

"If the phone rang tomorrow, I'm gone," he declared.  "I'm there."

The veteran stick man also said he was incredibly disappointed when Plant decided he didn't want to continue playing with the group after the one-off O2 event.

"I was devastated," he maintained.  "It hit me that hard.  I'd suddenly got to a point that was the happiest time of my life.  I was now playing with my dad's guys.  I'd got to where I kind of wanted to be."

He also noted that rehearsing with guitarist Jimmy Page and bass player John Paul Jones was extremely exciting for him.

"Who wouldn't love to…sit in a room and have someone like Jimmy Page or John Paul Jones go, 'Have you got any ideas you want to work on?' 'Me? Oh, uh, yeah!'" he explained.  "It was very cool to be in that kind of environment.  [I] enjoyed it immensely."

Earlier this year, of course, Jason paid homage to his dad and the group on a successful tour with the tribute band Jason Bonham's Led-Zeppelin Experience.

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