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Usher Opens "Numb" Video with Footage from Failed Berlin Performance

RCA/SaccentiEven professionals have their bad days, but Usher's loopy 2011 performance in Berlin was a particularly bad one, in part because the disappointing set ended up on YouTube.  But Usher doesn't shy away from that moment in time, opening his new "Numb" music video with footage from the abruptly ended concert.

There he is, in the new clip, standing on stage, looking out of it, while a concert organizer tries to calm booing fans.  "I felt like a failure...," Usher is heard saying, sharing the same explanation he gave during his interview on Oprah's Next Chapter.

"Numb" begins to play, and scenes from the 02 performance are inter-cut with images of, among other things, stormy skies, zooming traffic and a plane headed for city buildings.  "I'm just saying, what don't kill/only makes you strong," Usher sings, as he sits beside the hospital bed of a sick woman.

When he gets to the part of "Numb" where he sings, "Keep on doing the same ol' thing...," Usher is shown at the strip club, looking a bit out of sorts.

Throughout the video, he's shown dancing around the inside of a glass box.  But by the end of the "Numb" clip, he breaks free, sending shards of glass everywhere.

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