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Former R.E.M. Guitarist Peter Buck to Release Debut Solo Album on Friday

C Flanigan/FilmMagicEver since R.E.M. broke up last year, fans have been wondering if any of its members would be releasing solo albums.  Now, former guitarist Peter Buck has stepped up to reveal he'll be the first to put out his debut solo effort on Friday.

"I know I said for years that I would never make a solo record.  It was never a plan or a desire but it just kind of happened," writes Buck in a note on R.E.M.'s website.  "When REM called it a day I'd spent the last 3 months on my back with a semi-crippling injury unable to play guitar.  With my band gone and unable to use the fingers on my right hand, I started writing lyrics just to have something creative to do."

Buck adds that he wrote "95% of the lyrics and most of the music" and tapped a number of guest musicians to help out with the new tracks.  Among the artists with whom he collaborated were Patti Smith Group guitarist Lenny Kaye, R.E.M. bassisit Mike Mills and longtime R.E.M. sidemen Scott McCaughey and Bill Rieflin.  In addition, Buck notes that the release only will be available as a limited-edition vinyl pressing with just 2,000 copies up for sale through Mississippi Records.

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