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Pink "So Grateful" that She Inspired Adele to Sing

Facebook.com/PinkOver the years, Pink has been a role model for many other female artists, but there's one in particular she's given credit for inspiring: Adele.  And Pink says she couldn't be more happy about that.

The story goes that when Adele was just 13 or 14 she saw Pink perform at London's Brixton Academy, when she was promoting her breakthrough album, M!ssundaztood.  "I had never heard...someone sing like that live," Adele told Spinner.com.  "I remember sort of feeling like I was in a wind tunnel, her voice just hitting me.  It was incredible."  Adele noted that it was a "defining moment" for her.

Speaking to The Advocate, Pink says of Adele's story, "That’s so huge for me.  I’m a fellow outcast, and for somebody to say that they were at my party once is like, 'Really? That’s so cool, they were there.'"  Pink adds, "She was 13 -- how old does that make me?  If I had to influence anybody, I’m so grateful it’s her.”

But in addition to inspiring other performers, Pink says what's really important is that she serves as a role model for regular kids, who may be going through tough times.  The fact that she was able to survive her difficult childhood, become successful and be able to tell her story is vital, as she tells The Advocate.

"It’s important for people to be visible, living their life and living it well so that kids can say, ‘I can do that.  I look like that, I feel like that.  I want to do that,’” says Pink.  She says through her interactions with fans, "I’ve become less lonely, and through it, they’ve become less lonely, and I think it’s absolutely important that we’re all sharing our experience."

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