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Josh Groban to Return to "The Office" as Andy's Brother Nov. 1

Facebook.com/JoshGrobanLast season, Josh Groban guest-starred on NBC's The Office, playing Walter Jr., the younger brother of Ed Helms' character, Andy.  Now, it looks as though Walter Jr. is making a return appearance on the sitcom.

TVGuide.com reports that in the November 1 episode, Josh is back as Walter Jr., but his character will be seen in very different circumstances.  The first time we saw Walter Jr. and Andy's parents was at Andy's garden party at Schrute Farms.  Back then, Walter Jr. was treated as his parents' favorite, but apparently things have changed.  In the new episode, called "The Boat," Walter's a drunk who's now out of his parents' good graces.

Josh's acting career has heated up in recent years.  In addition to The Office, he appeared on Glee twice, as himself, and in the film Crazy, Stupid, Love, as the jerky lawyer boyfriend of Emma Stone's character.  He's also in the upcoming movie Coffee Town, which is about a group of slackers who band together when their carefree existence is threatened.

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