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The Kinks' Ray Davies Says He's Working on a New Album, a Musical and More

Decca Label GroupRay Davies currently is focused on the series of U.K. shows he has scheduled this month, but the legendary Kinks frontman also has quite a few new projects in the works that should intrigue fans.  In a new interview with ThisIsNottingham.co.uk, the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer reveals, "I am writing another show.  It's a musical that may become an opera."

The production would follow Davies' stage musical Come Dancing, which premiered in the U.K. back in 2008.

In addition, he reports, "I'm also working on a new musical piece for television and a new album."  If that's not enough, the 68-year-old singer/songwriter says he's finishing up a book he was "commissioned to write two years ago."

Of course, fans continue to wonder if Ray will patch up his differences with his younger brother, founding Kinks lead guitarist Dave Davies, and mount a reunion of the group.

"I never rule out working with The Kinks again," maintains Ray.

Regarding the health of his brother, who suffered a serious stroke in 2004, Ray says, "Dave is doing very well.  He is very communicative and very articulate.  He's got a good brain and that's the most important thing."

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