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Solange Says Julez, Blue Ivy Will Be More Like Sister and Brother than Cousins

Facebook.com/SolangeAs a teen, Solange was a backup dancer for Destiny's Child, putting the youngster on the road with her sister, Beyonce.  But the Knowles sisters' relationship got a real boost when they were apart, as Solange tells the New York magazine website Vulture.

Solange, who got pregnant at 17, says that she and Bey got "super-duper close" around that time.  The younger sister married her son Julez's father, Daniel Smith, moving with him to Idaho, where he was playing college football.  Being a mom came easier to Solange than marriage did, and she says that she found solace in her chats with Bey.

"Every time there was drama and I was all the way in Idaho, it was nice to be able to call," Solange tells Vulture.  "Now it’s kind of a reversal, with her getting married and having a baby after me."

Solange's marriage to Smith ended by the time she was 21.  Now at 26, she's making a home in Brooklyn, with her son, Julez, and boyfriend, director Alan Ferguson.  The move from Los Angeles to  New York City put Solange closer to family, including Beyonce, brother-in-law, Jay-Z and niece, Blue Ivy, on the East Coast.

Julez and his baby cousin see each other often, Solange says.  "Blue comes over, I babysit," Solange explains. "[Beyonce] takes Julez sometimes for the weekend. [Blue] and Julez are going to grow up more like sister and brother than cousins."

Uncle Jay-Z has, apparently, made an impression on young Julez.  Solange says the 8-year-old writes raps, and he "loves it."  His mom has been doing some writing of her own.  Solange's new EP True is due out November 27, and Vulture reports that a full-length album is slated for release early next year.

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