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Alicia Keys Talks About Having Faith, Ordering Cookies

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images via ABCIf her Girl on Fire album title is any indication, Alicia Keys is feeling really confident these days.  And when she's "freaked out" because she can't control things, Alicia tells USA Today that her remedy is two-fold.  "I have faith that they will be the way they’re meant to be," she tells the newspaper.  "I also order from Insomnia Cookies."

Apparently, college kids aren't the only people who dial up the company, requesting late-night deliveries of gooey oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies.  Alicia recently gave Insomnia Cookies a ring, and "that helped a lot," she says of her order.  "They were fresh at 3 a.m., straight from the oven.  Omigod!  I deserve to eat whatever I want."

Alicia, whose fifth studio album arrives in stores on November 27, says that she, indeed, feels like a "Girl on Fire."  "I feel like a warrior," she tells USA Today.  "Many times in my life, I believed in myself as long as someone else concurred.  Now I’m at the point where I don’t need anyone to concur."

Motherhood, Alicia says, made her more conscious of how she spent her time and who she spent her time with.  She also credits motherhood with bolstering the respect that she has for her own mom.  Looking back on her childhood, Alicia says, "I can’t imagine her life at the time, having to connect all the dots, pay all the bills, figure out all the scenarios and worry about this girl.  How can I keep her safe in this crazy city?"

Alicia's mom is an actress, who once worked as an extra on The Cosby Show.  That gig opened the door for Alicia to appear on an episode that centered on a sleepover for Rudy Huxtable.  "I remember it being really fun and being really tired," Alicia tells USA Today.  If you didn't recognize Alicia from the episode it's probably because, as she says, "I was the one with really short hair.  I kind of looked like a little boy."

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